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 I had the idea to make a site on Escaflowne after watching the TV series on Canal + in 1999-2000. At the time, I did not have ADSL yet and I knew little use of a computer, so I just wrote texts on the series.
 In 2002, I finally had access to the net and thus start a large bank of images on the series and the film, while collecting a lot of information.

 It is late 2003, with the arrival of the famous ADSL, I could start to do my site. Created thanks to the assistant Here, this page was modest, but, to my surprise, it met with some success.
 From December 2004, I managed to tame a html editor and create my own design.
 Since then, the versions have succeeded to get this one, the one that suits me side colors and width and whose illustration of the headband was made by me.

 The purpose of this work? It's about making Escaflowne discover as many people as I think it's a really successful and interesting story
 Thus, I want to try to bring the most precise lighting possible on this very rich work, in order to share even more my passion.


  Concerning the name of the site, Hananokaze, it means "wind of flowers" in Japanese. I chose this name in reference to the beautiful illustrations of the characters on a background of flowers, made by Nobuteru Yuki.

Flowers watercolors by Nobuteru Yuki

Their last dream~~~ 
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