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Frequently Asked Questions
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 Often visitors to the site ask questions, which are usually the same. You will find on this page the answers to these.
  For the sake of convenience, I grouped the questions by topic.

  If, however, you have another question, which isn't listed here, go to the Contact page.


 * The site

- Where is the site hosted?
  My site is on a paid shared server at OVH. Currently, all is on an account Perso.

- Where does the design come from?
  It's my own work! Forbidden to prick it! In fact, the design is based on a table, which avoids distortions on some browsers (except old Internet Explorer that refuse to respect the basic html chart of the rest of the web ...).
  Note that some graphic elements were offered to me, in these cases, the authors are specified.

- What technologies and software are used for this site?
  For the most part, I use the html, and a little php for some modules.
  Concerning the programs, I work on Mac and I use =
       -> Blue Griffon and before Kompozer (formerly NVU) = Mozilla free html editor to make pages,
       -> Cyberduck = free ftp client to transfer files,
       -> Medibang Paint = tablet drawing software,
       -> Graphic Converter = image management program for graphic elements.

- Who works on this site?
Andromeda Hibiscus Mavros, alone, and I intend to remain alone, even if I willingly accept help to clarify or correct some points.

- What if I spot a fault or mistake?
  Just use the Contact section and explain what's wrong, I'll correct if necessary. It's sure that there is still a lot of fault because English isn't my native language.

- Where do the info and images come from?
  Given my collection of Escaflowne products, everything comes from my personal database.
  Some exceptions, however, I consulted documents on the internet, and I also propose translations of existing texts, whose authors are, of course, credited!

* Escaflowne

- I heard about unpublished scenes in the series, is that right?
  Yes, these are passages cut during the editing of the TV version, we find on them on six of the seven first episodes.
  In order to satisfy the fans, the Japanese publisher had put these scenes back on the Japanese video editions.
  Normally, they are available on DVD editions in most countries since 2010 and on all Blu-Ray editions.

- Does shojo manga exist outside of Japan?
  No, and it is unlikely that it will one day be translated, even if it represents only two books.

- Why are things changing so much between each version?
  This is a desire of Shoji Kawamori, the creator of Escaflowne, who wanted his story to be treated in different ways.
  The stories of the different versions are in fact parallel.

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