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Let's be clear, Hananokaze is above all a hobby. So, in the pure theory, I do not have to implore the pity of the good people to be able to maintain this site.

 However, after having lived for a long time on a free server, I preferred to take a paid service to put my little pages.
  The main goal was to benefit from the benefits of paying services, more stable, which avoids the accidental erasure of data and crashes that last days (experience ...).
  Also, it allowed to avoid that the visitor is annoyed by pop-ups.
  Last but not least, having a domain name clean improves my SEO (and therefore explodes my statistics visits, which is nice!).

 I don't hide it, my current offer, the grade "Perso" of OVH, comes back to me about 35 € per year, it's not too expensive (I renew for every three years). But the site doesn't uses adsso no money...

 Nevertheless, luck is good for the daring, if you want to help me get into my fees, you can use the secure donation form via Paypal.

 This service is very safe. In a few years, it has become the benchmark for payment on the internet, especially with major brands such as eBay ...
  It requires a credit card, Visa or others. Your banking data will pass by secure server and will never be disclosed to me.
  In addition to the donation confirmation sent by Paypal, I will send you a personal thank you email.

 Finally, I want to thank Dalia for her generous donations!


Make a donation
Click on Moleman to access the form!

 1 -You will arrive on a page in the name of Sophie EULACIA (even if Sophie is not my name anymore but, well, the time that the administration does her job ...) with my pretty little head in chibi.
  Click on it if the sum in 0.00 euros doesn't appear.

 2 - Once the 0,00 there, enter the amount of your donation in euro, this amount will be the one that will be debited to you. If you give from other currencies, the converted amount must include the conversion, check well because the fee is for me!!!

 3 – If you are a regular user of Paypal, enter your account information, and you will have a payment procedure identical to ordinary ones.
  If you don't have a Paypal account (it can serve you later to buy on the net without always giving your credit card), create one, it will debit you as a simple secure CB.
  In both cases, you will receive a receipt by email!

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