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Laugh a little never hurts anyone, this will be the motto of this topic ....

 I would add that if you have information (with source) or funny pictures (only if you have the rights) about Escaflowne that you would like to see here, don't hesitate, write to me via the Contact section.


Paul is always right

Paul is always right

 During a  very long topic (in French) about the French collector of Escaflowne on, during the Soccer World Cup of 2010, I had the idea of this humorous montage with Paul the octopus as hero, finally the stuffed of my daughter.
 It was based on the story of an octopus who made predictions for various matches successfully by going on a box with the flag of the winner country.

Translation of the text on the picture :  To the question what is the best series of japanimation, Paul chose !


Some anecdotes

* Help my eardrums
  In the category some Americans have rotten tastes, there is the vile generic created for the attempt to broadcast Escaflowne on Fox Kids USA.
  Not only, the episodes were remounted and more or less mutilated (the first disappeared ...), but a despicable generic electro with a horrible realisation accompanied the carnage ...


* Chainsaw Massacre
We don't know why but the Americans were only allowed to see the first episode of Escaflowne when the DVDs were released ... Some managers thought it better to go straight into the thick of the action. The result made the beginning rather incomprehensible ...

* Help my eardrums (German version)
 Germans also have sometimes surprising musical tastes ...
 Again, a new opening credits was created, it keeps the visual of the Japanese, but his song is a strange electro melody.

* Engrish ???
  In the first album of Maaya Sakamoto, there was a cover of Tomodachi ... in English ...
  At this time, the young singer didn't speak much English yet, it sounds strange ...

* Here's a strange idea ...
  In an interview, the webmistress of asked Shoji Kawamori what character of Escaflowne he preferred, he replied ... Dornkirk ... well his version before the madness, Isaac ...
   => (now offline)

* Bunch of crazy people ....
  When the film was screened in the United States on the occasion of Anime Expo 2000, every decapitation or mutilation was acclaimed by the public ...
   => (now offline)

* Fans ?
  An american group américain of hip-hop, The Building Project, has named one of his titles, released in 2009, Escaflowne …

Their last dream~~~ 
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