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Presentation of Escaflowne
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  As mentioned above, one of the particularities of Escaflowne is to be available in four different media.
  What is less known is that the idea of Escaflowne's story has long matured in the mind of its creator, Shoji Kawamori.

  You will discover here the history of the creation of Escaflowne, why it has been declined in four versions, the origins of each one, which took part in the project and the reception of the public, but also the perception of the work with the time passing, more than twenty years for the series, the most famous support.
Their last dream~~~Birth of a projectSeries and shonen mangaHonorable success and shojo manga
On the way to the movie
A first appraisal
Escaflowne 15 years anniversary
Time passes ...

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