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 And now, stronger than ever, the brand of the site, I want to talk about the musicoguide!
 As old as the first version of Hananokaze, the musicoguide was entitled to a facelift to better seduce you!

 Indeed, to lighten the navigation, I shared it in several parts, series, film and special cases, where the content is always in alphabetical order.
 Small novelty, I added the songs of the singles and the tracks sung of the drama, which I recently acquired, also you will find the composer and if necessary, the authors and interpreters.

 Well, the spelling of the tracks titles is =
- literally the one noted on the album covers for those written in Western alphabet,
- a romaji transcription for those noted in Japanese.
 Note that the reference in the description of a song to another track, is in bold.

 Concerning the lists of tracks of CDs, I invite you to consult the corresponding page in the Goodies part.

  For those who are not used to my musicoguide presentation, explanation!

Title or transcription
(version if applicable)
Title in Japanese writing (if applicable)
Title translation into English (if applicable)
Composer = / Lyricist = (if applicable)
Performer = (if applicable)
Disk where it can found # corresponding track number
Description as clear as possible written by me

 WARNING ! Those who follow the site since I start it know it, my musicoguide is very important for me.
  Its realization took me a lot of time, so I formally forbid any recovery, even partial without my acccord, thank you!

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