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 As its name suggests, this section aims to introduce you to the different people who participated in the music of Escaflowne.
  It is also good =
- composers,
- lyricists,
- performers.

  Here is a table, in alphabetical order of names, the list of people who wrote, composed or performed the different pieces that make up the soundtracks of the Escaflowne series and movie.

  For information, when the names are clickable, you can access a more specific page on the person.


Names and dates
Work on Escaflowne
Aceilux TV Lyrisict & Performer
(Love - White Dove)
(I Recommend Instincts - If You – Perfect World)
Masayoshi Furukawa
古川 昌義

Born on 30/10/1963
TV Performer
(Perfect World)
Akimitsu Honma
本間 昭光

Born on 12/19/1964
(Mystic Eyes)
Yuho Iwasato
岩里 祐穂
Born on 12/03/1957
TV & Movie Principal lyricist
(All songs except those mentioned for other artists)
Tim Jensen Movie Lyrisict
Yoko Kanno
菅野 よう子
Born on 03/19/1964
TV & Movie Principal composer
(All songs except those mentioned for other artists)
(Movie = Midori no uta)
Midori Movie Performer
(Sora’s Folktale)
Hajime Mizoguchi
溝口 肇
Born on 04/23/1960
TV & Movie Compososer
(TV = A Far Cry – Cubic – Eyes -  Gloria – Hitomi Theme – Perfect World – Romance – Shadow of Doubt – White Dove )
(Film = Alseides Fukkatsu – Colors – Gaea Hitsuji - Regret – The Hurt – Torushina Shinko – Tree of Hearts – Who Will Save)
Ikue Ohtani
大谷 育江
Born on 04/18/1965
TV & Movie Performer
(Neko no Kimochi)
Gabriela Robin TV & Movie Lyrisict & Perfomer
(TV = Cat’s Delicacy – Medicine Eater)
(Movie = What’cha gonna do ???)

(TV = Arcadia – Neko no Kimochi)
(Movie= Sora - Sora’s Folktale – What’cha gonna do ???)

Maaya Sakamoto
真綾 坂本
Born on 03/31/1980
TV & Movie Principal Performer
(All songs except those mentioned for other artists and Arcadia)
(Call your Name)
Shanti Snyder
Born on 06/04/1981
Movie Lyrisict & Co-performer
(You’re not Alone)
Hiroki Wada
和田 弘樹
Born on 09/23/1968
TV Co-composer & Performer
(Mystic Eyes)
Julia Wilson TV
(I Recommend Instincts
Mai Yamane
山根 麻以
Born on 10/09/1958
(If You)

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