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  Karaoke fans will be happy! Here is the section where they can find the precious words. And as I'm not sadistic, it is, of course, for the songs in Japanese, romaji versions (transcription in Western characters of the Japanese).

  And also, not to sing silly, each page contains the translation of the text and some information on the different, singles, credits and ambient songs or bonuses that are these titles.


Songs of the series
Songs of the movie
Aoi Hitomi Call your Name
Hikari no Kana he Vector
I Recommend Instincts You're not Alone
If you
Kaze ga Fuku Hi
Mystic Eyes
Neko no Kimochi
Perfect World
Poketto wo Kara ni Shite
White Dove
Yakusoku wa Iranai

Their last dream~~~ 
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