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  As you can imagine, this section will be the final boss of the site! Actually, you can discover the French version HERE !

  Once online, the content of this article will be:
  In Japan, animation is a real industry that develops beyond the audio-visual domain. Thus, each anime is entitled to its share of products that go from CD to art-book, sometimes even figurines, t-shirts and others ...
  In the case of Escaflowne, the products aren't too diversified. The most are CD,DVD, and art-books, to which we can add figurines, a game and some other stuff here, there ...

  Here, it will be mainly official products, attached to the license Escaflowne, which I have the chance to own, but I still added some information on the rest.

  Also, at the bottom of the page is a link to a rather special section devoted to doujinshi, books created by fans, a domain floating on a legal vacuum and are very popular in Japan..

Their last dream~~~ 
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