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Overview of story ...

 Gaea, a floating ship sails through the clouds above a mountain range, on board a precious cargo.
 Suddenly, an armed man emerges from the sky and starts a commando operation. He alone massacred the entire crew.
 As he progresses, the stored relic wakes up, which enthusiastically notes the warrior at the end of his mission.

 Earth, Hitomi has fallen asleep on the roof of her high school, Yukari finds her and discovers a suicide letter next to her.
 Weary of everything, despite her friend's enthusiasm, the girl has always dark thoughts.
 As she was going home, a voice in the wind spoke to her, she followed it, a man hidden in a black cloak called her.
 Brutally, the sky seems to fill with water, the ground too, Hitomi feels drowning.

 On Gaea, a troop fires learn to shoot the ship, which crashes under the terrorized gaze of Merle. Van escaped unscathed and saw the Escaflowne appear from the fire to stop in front of him.
 It's then that the cockpit opens, and that Hitomi falls on Van ...


 The success, albeit modest, of the series makes Escaflowne a vein to exploit. The series made an honorable score in Japan and exports rather well, all hopes are allowed.
  The film, unlike the series, is a work of "command", Sunrise will charge the studio Bones, its little new society of formers, the realization of this ambitious project.

  It's certainly at the end of 1998, or beginning of 1999, that the project is launched, with a substantial budget.
  In short, the team, almost identical to that of the series, has great freedom to design and produce this movie.

 As usual with Escaflowne, the new version takes again the characters and the basic scenario.
 This time, the story will take a more adult turn. The heroes are older, the starting context is darker and the violence is very often at the rendezvous.

 In terms of drawings, Nobuteru Yuki takes charge of his work on the entire project, this has the effect of a nasal plasty for everyone ...
 More detailed and more detailed, the protagonists always evolve in scenes framed with care, with settings sometimes absolutely sublime.

 Again, Kazuki Akane has done wonders to the realization, although sometimes we regret a lack of rhythm, which contrasts with scenes absolutely boosted.
 In short, on this point, it's clear that the means were put to hit very hard in the eye of the viewer.

 To talk about gear, the presences is more limited than in the series, but with more organic giant armor, considered to be true demonic creatures, and a giant sailboat pulled by huge buffaloes, the team made original choices.

 Concerning music, of course, Yoko Kanno and Hajime Mizoguchi are working on it.
 Once again, the music is exceptional, with an oriental scent, and always some totally extravagant themes.

 Project refined to the extreme, the movie will finally come out more than three months late on the originally announced date, June 24, 2000.
 If those who didn't know the series are mostly conquered, fans of the first are destabilized.

 Indeed, the change of tone, and sometimes an abuse of violence, as well as the almost "light" side of the screenplay, compared to the complexity of the series, handicap the feature movie in the eyes of the purists, who see in the series the "perfect" version of Escaflowne.
 In short, if the technical qualities are uninamement recognized, the movie will not be unanimous, even if its success will be quite honorable.

 Following the lineage of the series, the movie will be exported, but will, more often, the object of a direct video output, without going through the theater.

One of the alternative posters of the movie
One of the posters of the movie

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